Pakistan at the crossroads

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country to the north west of South Asia. With 170 million people it is the sixth largest population on Earth. The major challenges for Pakistan in the 21st century are climate change, corruption, illiteracy, poverty and terrorism.

Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan

In 1960 Karachi was created as a planned city and new Capital for Pakistan replacing Karachi as the capital. Karachi which remains the commercial capital of Pakistan was seen as too geographically remote from other areas of the country and there was also a strong desire to have a central capital which did not have a strong colonial legacy. Islamabad is based on a grid pattern with an overall triangular shape.

Pakistan Hockey

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan which has won three Olympic gold medals in the sport and won the Hockey World Cup a world record 4 times. New Zealand hockey contacts with Pakistan go back to the founding of the nation when a New Zealand team toured the subcontinent after the second world war. This was New Zealand's first hockey tour to anywhere but Australia. Since then New Zealand and Pakistan have played many times.

Pakistan Cricket

Cricket is a major sport in Pakistan and Pakistan is one of the test match playing nations. In recent years the image of the sport has been damaged by events suck as the 2010 Pakistan cricket match fixing scandal. In late 2010 and early 2011, the Pakistan cricket team toured New Zealand winning the Test series and One day international seried while New Zealand won the Twenty-Twenty competition.

Pakistan Floods 2010

Like India to the south, Pakistan is watered every year by the monsoon rains. With the climate change caused by global warming, the monsoon rains are becoming more extreme. In 2010 there were massive floods in Pakistan that were some of the worst floods on record and Pakistan news was all about how the infrastructure of large sections of the country was innundated.

With the help of overseas donors the situation was stabilised and Pakistan is now recovering nicely.

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